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The Top 3 Things Baseball Can Teach You About Negotiation …


Major League Baseball (MLB) dates back to 1876 making it one of the oldest and some would argue the most popular major professional sport league in the United States and Canada with record attendance in 2018 of 69.6 million spectators.

What could it possibly teach us about the game of Sales and Negotiation?

1. Who's on First and What's on Second?

The game can be confusing. Understand the rules. Stop asking the wrong people questions about the game. The fastest way to understand the game is to watch, learn and

make mistakes playing it.

If you want to improve --- develop relationships with people that have played the game well and ask them specifically for what you want to know.

Translation: Ask the right people the right questions.

These skills (observation, inquiry and practice) will help you learn more and create better outcomes for everybody in the game. This only works if you listen and apply what you’ve learned to your game.

2. All of the Greats Knew How to Hit It Out of the Park!

Before all of the true Home Run Greats like Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth and TY Cobb became legends they had to find the right bat and learn how to hit the ball in the sweet spot.

Then they had to do it again.

And Again.

And Again.

Translation: Keep Swinging. Practice and Persistence Pay Off.

Innovation and iteration in today’s market is more important than ever.

This only works if you’re willing to bring some humanity (aka: forgiveness for what you may view as your failings) to the game and have some fun playing it.

3. It’s a Team Sport and a Business.

Baseball is a business with a lot of players. Leaders rise (and fall) on and off the field every day.

Know the players.

Leaders and Influencers are found in the most unlikely places. Find them. Listen to what they want and why. Share your expertise with them.

This only works if you speak intelligently to the value you bring to the team and you model leading with Integrity.

Secret Extra Inning Tip:

When the game is stalled and it’s 0 to 0 at the end of the 9th inning - -

Someone Has to Hit the Ball Well (take action with skill) and round the bases in the fastest and smartest way.

The Leaders Rise when they Learn How to Influence the DIP (Dollars in Play) and the DAP (Decisions at Play) with the key players in every inning throughout every stage of the game.

In Baseball, like Negotiation, when you bring your “A” game both teams Rise and a Win for all players is possible.

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Corine Wofford is a Confidence Catalyst and Disruptor of Self-Sabotaging Negotiating Behavior. She is the CEO at Corine Wofford International, a leading Business Advisory firm providing speaking, training and consulting services for business leaders, sales and service professionals and women entrepreneurs that want to stop avoiding, caving in, or giving up profits when they negotiate helping them save or earn millions of dollars as a result. If you’d like a Free Negotiation Preparation Template to help achieve your goals, make more money and create a meaningful difference in the world, go to


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