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6 months of up close and personal coaching with Corine Wofford

Join Corine for an intimate Mastermind and 

learn how to grow your business farther, faster. 

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I work with a select group of people in my Luminosity Mastermind or privately.  These opportunities are extremely limited and available by invitation only. 

If you would like to inquire about future opportunities, please provide your details here and we'll connect!

What is the Luminosity Mastermind?


If you are a woman entrepreneur with a 6- and 7-figure mindet, you are the right fit for Luminosity! 

A 6-month mastermind focused on strategic business guidance around a Key Results Project that you create.

Live training calls with a small group of like-minded business owners AND 1:1 support calls with Corine.

Email access to Corine as needed and an opportunity to work live in person with Corine.


What Areas of Your Business Will We Focus On?


PRIORITIZE revenue-generating activities to grow your business faster. 


DISCOVER your Money Leadership Style and creating your profit plan to shatter your own glass ceiling.


LEARN negotiation skills to create value for mutual gain and increase profits.


EXPAND your network more intentionally and skillfully for better opportunities.


CREATE quality time for you, your family and your business.


RECEIVE valuable feedback from other business owners who are committed to growth, integrity, and upleveling their businesses.

Click here if you're interested in being contacted for the next Luminosity Mastermind!



The Luminosity Mastermind is by invitation only.  If you would like to inquire about future opportunities, please provide your details here and we'll connect!

Why Corine Wofford?

Corine Wofford is a dynamic speaker, certified master facilitator, and International Best-Selling Author with over 3 decades of experience teaching negotiation and business at Fortune 500 companies, with small business owners, and women entrepreneurs globally.


She will understand where YOU'RE at, lay out a plan for YOUR business, and show you how to activate YOUR next actions.  

Participant's questions are used as “jumping off points” to show you breakthrough concepts, success pathways, negotiation strategies and more that are relevant to YOUR business.


Our dreams are so important, and there’s a lot that needs to happen to experience that growth.  Corine is an expert at facilitating these discussions, holding you accountable, and setting the tone for you to have the impact that you want to make and have fun doing it!


Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

Corine made the difference all right, a $10,000 difference!

Corine encouraged me to go for it, and with her expertise and support, I asked for and received $10,000 for my 1st speaking engagement! What I remember most about is being championed to know I'm worth it, and knowing that I can receive abundantly.

Georgia Tetlow, MD.

Founder, Philadeplhia Integrative Medicine

Thanks to Corine’s guidance, I just signed a lucrative contract with the Ambassador of Paraguay!

The time I spent with Corine Wofford on negotiation was nothing short of life changing! Her expertise helped me with the clarity I needed to create a pricing template for our services and the confidence I needed to negotiate with all of my international clients.

Nancy De Luca Stempel

Executive Director, The Learning Community International

Corine is to the go-to for me when it comes to contracts.


Her insight helped me word a refund policy that protected me and my promoters!  You don’t know how much you don’t know, until you need to know!  Now I am happy to have Corine as part of my team.  

Sandra Dee Robinson

Founder, Charisma On Camera

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