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Inspirational. Outstanding. Hilarious. 

Those three words show up most often in feedback I get after speaking to audiences. 

Hi, I'm Corine.

Thank you for considering me as a speaker at your event. 

As a meeting planner, your biggest challenge is finding the RIGHT speaker for your event.


How do you know who you can trust to truly serve your audience?


If the fear of negotiating is costing your audience more than they’d like to admit then I’m here to help.

As a speaker and workshop facilitator, I’ve taught business professionals negotiation skills and have saved Fortune 500 companies like Apple, IBM, Exxon/Mobile, and women entrepreneurs millions as a result.

Negotiation is an important skill to develop because with the right strategies we can all shape successful deals whether we are buying, selling, solving client or family concerns, managing conflict or just dealing with difficult people.

I truly care about helping women entrepreneurs and business leaders stop caving in and giving up profits when they negotiate. 

WHY? Because it’s simply crippling their confidence and their cash flow.  Knowing how to negotiate well positively impacts one's self esteem, helps them get what they want and need in their business and personal lives, and allows them to more easily and confidently succeed. 

Corine Wofford’s NEGOTIATION Program was the most powerful session of the National Association of Women Business Owner’s Conference!


Executive VP,

The H.R. Group

New research from Glassdoor finds that 68% of women accepted the salary they were offered and did not negotiate, a 16-percentage point difference when compared to men at 52%.


The research further revealed that only 10% of people negotiated successfully across the board. 


I believe it’s time to develop our skills as business leaders and equip your audience to Negotiate with Success!


Develop the confidence to ask specifically for what they want, learn to create value for mutual gain, handle counterproductive negotiation behavior confidently, and seal the deal  - while retaining or enhancing their business relationships along the way!  

Please contact me here about speaking inquires.

I look forward to hearing about your event and being of service!

Corine Wofford is a high energy, high impact speaker on Negotiation for women.

The air in the room CHANGES when Corine gets on stage!


City of San Antonio

For over two decades, Corine has shared her business expertise, guidance, intuition and humor with audiences worldwide in a way that educates and inspires them to Negotiate With Success!

As the Founder of Negotiate With Success, Corine helps corporate professionals and women entrepreneurs step up to the plate, make more money, and create a meaningful difference in the world. 

Through her signature talks Negotiate With Success! and Money Leadership Styles...


Corine spurs her audience to action, helping individuals build their business and their brand through transformational training in negotiation and leadership.

"CORINE WAS A HIT!  She understood our business issues and helped us apply the skills to our environment.  She is a GREAT SPEAKER AND FACILITATOR!"  --C PERRY, Training Coordinator, Phillips Petroleum Company

Live Presentations


Negotiate With Success: 

Build Your Business, Brand, and Bank Account

Time: 45-60 minutes

Suited to: C-Level, Sales Professionals, Women Entrepreneurs


This interactive program provides attendees with insights from extensive research on how men and women negotiate differently and tips on how to increase profits and results regardless of experience level or industry type. 

Participants will learn to:

  • Confidently Prepare and Negotiate from Within

  • Manage the Negotiator’s Dilemma

  • Create Value for Mutual Gain

  • Handle the Top 3 Counterproductive Behaviors

  • Creatively Gain Customer Commitment

All attendees receive a Negotiate with Success Action Planner.

Logo Money Leadership.jpg

Money Leadership Styles

Time: 20-45 minutes

Suited to: Women Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals


Self-awareness is key.  Identifying your "Money Leadership Style" in this interactive session will help you avoid being blindsided and challenged by money decisions in your business and life.

In this presentation, participants learn:

  • Learn three areas where you maybe giving away your power with money. 

  • Strengthen your ability to make confident financial decisions.   

  • Identify steps you can take to own your value with confidence and clarity. 


The Business of Being the Difference:

Share Your Gifts, Make More Money, and Create a Meaningful Difference in the World

Time: 45-60 minutes

Suited to: C-Level, Women Entrepreneurs, Non-Profit Leaders & Volunteers


Corine reminds audiences that every individual has unique skills and abilities that only they can deliver in the world, and the time is now for them to share those gifts!

In this presentation, participants learn:

  • The Fastest Path Out of Any Negative State

  • Success Secrets for Transformational vs Traditional Goals

  • The Be the Difference Leadership Success Framework

  • The Top 3 Skills Necessary to Become a Key Community Contributor


Attendees leave with a Be the Difference Action Planner.

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To inquire about speaking engagements for your event, you can contact me here.

I look forward to being of service!

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