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Training should be fun!

Have fun at a 2-Day Negotiation Workshop for your Team!

Facilitated by Corine Wofford

Get Feedback

Discover Your Flow

Negotiate With Success!

C. Williams

Stewart & Stevenson

"Corine Wofford, working with a bunch of old guys that would rather be hunting and fishing, was able to teach this old dog some new tricks about selling. I don’t know how she did it but – she’s the best teacher I’ve ever had."


Hi there!

Thank you for considering me as a trainer or an Executive Coach in your organization.  I am a Certified Master Facilitator and absolutely LOVE people!  Negotiation training is my specialty, and I've been facilitating workshop trainings for over 3 decades!  

While the business landscape has changed drastically, negotiation hasn't.  The skills of a great negotiator have to do with people.  It's important to know how to stand strong for mutual gain and develop an higher-than-average emotional intelligence to be successful in all your negotiations.  

 My Negotiate with Success will work for you regardless of industry or experience level, novice, somewhat experienced or a season pro at negotiating industry and if you're a novice, you will get great value from the Negotiate With Success Workshop, and I'm grateful I get to be your guide! 

We can walk through your organization's goals - whether it be sales, customer service, and/or team building - and figure out the best dates for your workshop!

To discuss high-performance training for your organization you can schedule a call with me here.

I'm happy to be of service!

Also, if you know of another organization that you think it would be great for me to connect with, you can let me know and that would be awesome.

Until we connect again, 

Believe, Be Bold, Breakthrough, and Be the Difference!


Corine Wofford’s NEGOTIATION Program was the most powerful session of the National Association of Women Business Owner’s Conference!


Executive VP,

The H.R. Group


ADOPT a value-based approach to all future negotiations


ENHANCE communication and interpersonal skills to seal the deal more often


ELEVATE your negotiation style to adapt to any person and any circumstance


MANAGE variables and counter-productive behavior effectively to move forward powerfully no matter what


PREPARE effectively with a Negotiation Action Plan to bring confidence in the room


PRACTICE and get feedback on "in-the-moment" negotiations to shatter your own glass ceiling

J. Dean

Breakthrough Enterprises

"Corine’s Sales and Negotiating Skills are AMAZING! When I thought the deal was over – I watched her patiently weave benefits in and out of the discussion and the customer’s eyes would suddenly light up and we had commitment to make the program happen!"

Negotiation Workshops Philosophy

Negotiate With Success Workshops are

Everyone is a negotiator, whether or not you're in business.

Learning experiences must be interactive & customized to successfully create long-term results.  


A Plan is Paramount.  All participants will leave with a Negotiation Action Plan that enables them to enhance value, strengthen trust, and leverage a winning attitude.

grounded in the following core beliefs:

How To Book A Workshop



Click here to schedule a 15-minute call about your desired dates and objectives.



Collaborate with Corine and finalize details based around your needs.



Have fun at the workshop becoming a better negotiator!

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