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How Great Leaders Stay Connected to Key Contacts in 3 Simple Steps

Create a simple stay in touch system for your key contacts with this collaboration approach.


Over the last 30 years, I’ve used this "stay in touch" collaboration strategy to stay connected to my business colleagues, and we’ve all benefited from shared referrals, strategic introductions and business advice as needed.

1. Colleague Snapshot

Gather information for each key collaborator in your inner circle. This could include a physical card or an online filing tool that allows you to reference their information easily. Include the following information: Contact Information How You Met Client Industry Their Ideal Client Results They’re Seeking Your Support Opportunities and Date Testimonial Y/N

2. Reach out to your network

Ask how you can be of service and follow up with a tool, suggestion or and e-introduction to someone that can add value to the relationship.

3. Track Colleague Metrics

Create an excel document that tracks metrics for your colleagues and helps with ideas to strengthen your relationship.


If your colleague offers to provide a testimonial for you, provide them with a Testimonial Template (see sample below) and request their photo and permission to use it in your marketing materials.

Example of a Testimonial Template "When I worked with (your name) initially I was struggling with (challenge). During our work together (your name) helped me (describe the value provided) which help me achieve or experience (this result)." Name/Title/Company Picture of individual that gave you the testimonial

Creating a stay in touch system with your business network will help you improve your relationship building skills and position your business for ongoing growth.

Assume value in others. Things are always changing, so stay connected because you never know when you’ll need each other in the future.

Pay it Forward – that’s what great leaders do.

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