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Before You Negotiate! | 5 No-Cost Things You Can Do to Increase Confidence Before Every Negotiation

Prepare to Save Time, Money and Energy with these 5 simple things before you ever think about Negotiating!


Is avoiding negotiation, caving in or giving up profits when you negotiate costing you more than you’d like to admit?

New research from Glassdoor finds that 68% of women accepted the salary they were offered and did not negotiate, compared to men at 52%.

The research further revealed that only 1 in 10 people negotiated successfully across the board.

Negotiation mistakes can be costly. Many people negotiate too soon or are simply unprepared when they begin to negotiate.

Try these 4 simple time, money and energy savers before your next negotiation and watch your results soar!

1. Set An Intention

The thought of having to negotiate and deal with difficult personalities or the unknown can cause insecurity in the most seasoned professionals.

Instead of staying in a place of fear, anger, or anxiety given your current circumstance, seek clarity and set an intention to take the next best step to improve your situation.

In the event your confusion continues to cloud your judgement – get quiet and listen to your intuition. Your Higher Self will lead you with the answers you’re seeking along the way.

2. Develop Your Relationships

Business is about developing relationships. The best time to develop relationships is when you don’t need them.

In my research interviewing 500 men and 500 women, the #1 reason men cited their negotiations failed was because they didn’t develop the relationship first.

You’re less likely to avoid a negotiation or short change yourself when you negotiate if you’re dealing with someone that you know, like and trust.

You’re also more likely to get the assistance you need from your team to create alternatives that make the deal successful for all parties.

3. Practice Asking Specifically for What You Want

In the same research study noted above, the #1 reason women cited their negotiation failed was because they didn’t ask specifically for what they wanted.

Regardless of how big or small the numbers are or how intimidating the players are in your situation – you can develop the confidence to ask specifically for what you want.

One secret is to multiply what you want by ten-fold and practice asking for it like you’re asking for the salt or pepper during dinner.

The reason this works is because when you do ask for the real number you won’t flinch or send an energetically insecure message to your client about the price and they’ll be more likely to accept it.

Yes, it’s true. Certainty Sells.

4. Know When to Negotiate

One of the most common mistakes salespeople make is to negotiate too soon.

A good rule of thumb is to ask a lot of questions and use your selling skills before you negotiate.

If you’re clearly articulating the value of your product or service for your client, you’ll likely be able to address their concerns without having to negotiate.

If you’re not able to address the client’s concern and they still want to do business with you provided you’re willing and able to come to a more reasonable “deal”, you’re moving closer to the time to negotiate.

Be sure you’re dealing with the decision maker, and make sure you don’t get pressured into negotiating without preparing the best alternative.

Lastly, you can feel confident negotiating if you have the authority to make the outcome a success.

5. Learn How to Negotiate

Negotiation is an advanced selling skill. However even if you’re not in sales, there are so many great reasons to become a better negotiator.

You can create better outcomes with your family, service providers and co-workers.

When you know how to negotiate and take a collaborative vs. competitive approach, negotiating becomes easy!

This is where you simply ask great questions and listen.

You may hear information or alternatives that you were unaware of and could help you create a resolution that serves all parties involved.

Becoming a better negotiator could easily save you $10,000 or more per year on home services alone (like the phone bill or contractors) not to mention an increase in pay or more positive outcomes for your interpersonal relationships.

Follow these 4 simple no cost suggestions to save time, money and energy before you even think about negotiating and soon, you’ll be modeling the skillset and mindset needed to Negotiate with Success!

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