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Preparation Template

Instantly become a better negotiator and business leader with the 1-page Negotiation Preparation Template!

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What does preparing for a negotiation successfully actually look like?

Corine Wofford uses this exact Negotiation Preparation Template with every one of her clients. 


This template illustrates:

  • when to negotiate

  • how to ask specifically for what you want 

  • and preparing with purpose... 

so you can create better outcomes at home, in the workplace, and in your community!

This template is regularly offered at $197. 

Right now is your one-time offer of $47.

That's 65% off as a thank you for subscribing!

Buy Template Now!

The best tip I can give to all negotiators out there is...prepare.

Corine Wofford

Founder, Negotiate With Success

This is your 1-page guiding framework around all your negotiation prep!

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Whether you are new to negotiation, an experienced negotiator, or you're a seasoned pro...You will be able to improve your results with this preparation template.  


Corine's clients have:

  • earned $10K+ for their first speaking engagement

  • purchased a new car for 2% under dealer invoice

  • saved thousands per year on their bills

  • secured a new job

  • increase their income

Elevate my Negotiation Preparation Now!

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